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My name is Ali Jaber Al-Sabah, I set this page to tell the world something about Kuwait, post my views about the last month and post my articles about Kuwaiti and Middle Eastern politics and answer inquiries about Kuwait.

None of us will ever forget that awful morning August 2nd 1990. An ally turned enemy over night. Although most of us are too shy to talk about our feelings, I will not in this page. In case you are only interested in present information about Kuwait then go to the bottom of the page.

Although we were not prepared, we did fight and fought courageously. The Battle Of The Bridges is a good demonstration.

The Iraqis claim that we downed 56 planes, while KAF claim to have downed 39 only. They were flying their planes that night at low levels with no night vision equipment. Seventeen of their planes hit the high-tension power lines. Here is the story  of Ali Al-Salem Air Base.

I lost a loved one my cousin Sheikh Fahad Ahmed Al-Sabah.

Ghanim, an old man, was tortured because he did not know the answers to their questions !!

Finally good prevailed over evil.

If you are interested in a social, business or legal question about Kuwait please email me and I will try to answer your inquiry. Also my sister-in-law Sheikha Awrad Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah has volunteered to recieve questions if you are interested  to get a Kuwaiti woman point of view.

Thanks for visiting my page....

Ali Jaber Al-Sabah