Sh. Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah


Sheikh Fahad

 Oh how much I miss and envy Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah. He reminds me of my grandfather a martyr died in battle defending Kuwait. 

Sheikh Fahad was a worrier of disappointing causes. He fought with the Kuwaiti Army and the other Arab Armies in 1967 against Israel, and was released with the other POWs. A defeat that is attributed to the bad leadership of Egypt. 

Then he joined the PLO and fought Israel as a martyr. Until he realised that the leadership of PLO are the furthest from their claimed noble causes. 

He even helped Saddam during the Iraqi Iranian war. All of these causes ended in disappointment, none met his noble expectation. 

On that awful morning Fahad got his noble cause and met his fate. He received a call informing him that the Emir's Palace is under attack. He picked up his arms, and was joined by his cousin Sheikh Rashid and a friend, went to defend their beloved Emir. At the gate of Dasman Palace, during a cross fire Fahad got his martyrdom. 

Myrter Fahad did not get a decent burial. He was buried under an alias name, because of fear that the Iraqis might come and desecrate his corps. We had to wait for seven months, until Kuwait is liberated to give him a proper burial.

Sheikh Athbi



Sheikh Khalid

He was avenged. His son Athbi, an officer in the Kuwaiti Army, picked his father's arms, and with his cousin Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali and other patriotic Kuwaitis formed cells of armed resistance. Fearing that Athbi's efforts might not be enough, Sheikh Khalid smuggled himself into Kuwait and joined his brother and cousin in their fight. 

They fought hard and courageously. They conducted many operations in Kuwait and Iraq and even helped the international coalition in intelligence gathering. Saddam got mad and ordered their arrest. Yet they did not care and continued their father's efforts to liberate their country.

Sacrifice came their way and they met it courageously. Sheikh Fahad Salem Al-Ali and Khalid were arrested. But that did not deter Athbi, who continued his fathers noble cause. Fahad and Khalid got released with other POWs.

Finally Kuwait is liberated and both brothers resumed their jobs in the Kuwaiti Army, willing for another war. Fahad Salem Al-Ali returns to his job in the National Guards. Khalid gets a baby boy and names him Fahad after his father.

Sheikh Fahad finally met his noblest cause and his martyrdom. His spirit is still with us. But I still miss and envy him.